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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors performs a pivotal role within the corporate organization. Its task and responsibilities include setting strategic and organizational guidelines and ensuring that adequate controls to monitor the performance of the Group are in place.

In charge for 2016-2018
ChairmanGustavo Denegri
Deputy ChairmanMichele Denegri
Chief Executive OfficerCarlo Rosa (1)
DirectorsChen Menachem Even
Giancarlo Boschetti
Stefano Altara
Enrico Mario Amo
Giuseppe Alessandria (2)(3)
Franco Moscetti (2)
Roberta Somati (2)
Fiorella Altruda (2)
Francesca Pasinelli (2)
Monica Tardivo (2)
Tullia Todros (2)
Vittorio Squarotti

(1) General Manager
(2) Independent Director
(3) Lead Independent Director

Renewal of the mandate envisaged during the 2019 Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting.