The system that guides the Company


The Board of Directors performs a pivotal role within the corporate organization. Its task and responsibilities include setting strategic and organizational guidelines and ensuring that adequate controls to monitor the performance of the Group are in place.

In charge for 2022-2024
ChairmanMichele Denegri
Deputy ChairmanGiancarlo Boschetti
Chief Executive OfficerCarlo Rosa (1)
DirectorsChen Menachem Even
Stefano Altara
Luca Melindo
Diego Pistone
Fiorella Altruda (2)
André Michel Ballester (2)(3)
Franco Moscetti
Francesca Pasinelli (2)
Roberta Somati (2)
Monica Tardivo (2)
Tullia Todros (2)
Giovanna Pacchiana Parravicini (2)

(1) General Manager
(2) Independent Director
(3) Lead Independent Director

Control and Risk Committee and Sustainability

Control and Risks and Sustainability Committee
ChairmanAndré Michel Ballester (1)
MembersFranco Moscetti
Roberta Somati (1)

(1) Independent Director

The Control and Risks Committee which is staffed with non-executive independent Directors, provides consulting support and makes recommendations with regard to defining the guidelines of the system of internal control and assessing on a regular basis the system’s adequacy, efficiency and effective implementation. Together with the independent auditors and the Accounting Documents Officer, it assesses the adequacy of the accounting principles used by the Company and evaluates proposals submitted by the independent auditors in connection with the award of the audit assignment, as well as their audit work plan, and monitors the effectiveness of the auditing process.

Compensation and Nominating Committee

Compensation and Nominating Committee
Chairman Roberta Somati (1)
Members Giancarlo Boschetti
Giovanna Pacchiana Parravicini (1)

(1) Independent director

The Compensation Committee, which is staffed with non-executive Directors, the majority of whom are independent Directors, is responsible for submitting to the Board of Directors proposals concerning the compensation of the Chief Executive Officer and of all other Directors who perform special tasks and for monitoring the proper implementation of approved resolutions and general recommendations concerning the compensation of Group managers with strategic responsibilities. The Compensation Committee has been assigned specific tasks in connection with the management of any future stock option plans.

Related-Party Committee

Committee for Transactions with Related Parties
ChairmanRoberta Somati (1)
MembersAndré Michel Ballester (1)
Giovanna Pacchiana Parravicini (1)

(1) Independent Director

Board of Statutory Auditors

The Board of Statutory Auditors is responsible for ensuring that the Company operates in compliance with the applicable laws and the Bylaws, that its system of internal control and its organizational, administrative and accounting structure are adequate. It is also required to assess the independence and technical qualifications of the independent auditors.

Board of Statutory Auditors
ChairmanMonica Mannino
Statutory AuditorsOttavia Alfano
Matteo Michele Sutera
AlternatesRomina Guglielmetti
Cristian Tundo


PRESIDENTEzio Maria Simonelli
COMPONENTSMatteo Michele Sutera
Ulisse Spada

The Surveillance Board is responsible for ensuring that the Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 adopted by DiaSorin is functioning correctly, is effective and is being complied with. The Board is also responsible for recommending updates and periodically monitoring the compliance with the Model’s principles and controls.