Your health is our priority

This is why we work with passionate dedication every day, in all our facilities, because we know that in times of need there is only room for certain and reliable responses.

World leaders in the lab diagnostics market, we are specialists in the immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics segments and active in the Licensed Technology sector

The Company has been developing, producing and marketing reagent kits for laboratory diagnostics all over the world, for over 50 years. Our broad offering of diagnostic tests and Licensed Technology solutions, made available thanks to ongoing investments in research, positions us as the player with the widest range of specialty solutions in the sector and identifies the Group as the "Diagnostics Specialist".

Diagnosis is the first step towards understanding a person’s state of health. This is why our tests can make the difference: they are precise and reliable and enable delivery of early diagnosis of various pathologies for millions of people who will then be able to receive the most appropriate therapy.

Our Licensed Technology sector offers technological solutions based on the platforms and reagents required by academic, pharmaceutical and industrial diagnostics research for the development and production of health goods.

DiaSorin is our company. It’s where we study, research and offer increasingly precise diagnostics solutions in order to give our clients all over the world answers that are more and more reliable


DiaSorin’s success is based on continuous innovation in the world of biotechnologies through major investments in research & development. Hundreds of researchers worldwide work on the development of innovative solutions for specialty tests and Licensed Technology solutions capable of improving our day-to-day lives.

Further, our decision to develop specialty tests in parallel with those of far wider application enabled the Group to earn its reputation as the diagnostics “specialist”.

Thanks to our latest acquisitions, we are continuing to expand and innovate, to become SPECIALISTS3.

DiaSorin operates across all five continents through:


The Company has direct operations throughout continental Europe, Israel, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, India and Australia. The rest of the world is served by over 200 independent distributors with which the Group has established long-term dialog for the greater benefit of end users.

A global business

We are a multinational company operating across all five continents.

USA Stillwater


1951 Northwestern Avenue - P.O. Box 285
Stillwater Minnesota USA

Phone: +1.651.439.9710 / +1.800.328.1482

Fax: +1.651.351.5669

UK Dartford


Central Road, Dartford
Kent. DA1 5LRUK

Phone: +44 (0)844 225 8999

Fax: +44 (0)844 225 9888

Germania Dietzenbach


Von-Hevesy-Straße 3
63128 Dietzenbach

Phone: +49.6074.4010

USA Chicago


4088 Commercial AveNorthbrook,
IL 60062

Phone: +1 847 400 9000

USA Cypress

CypressDiaSorin Molecular

11331 Valley View Street
Cypress, CA 90630-4717
Stati Uniti

Phone: +1.562.240.6500

USA Madison


1224 Deming Way
Madison, WI 53717

Phone: +1 608 662 9000

Toll-Free: +1 877 885 6617

Fax: +1 608 662 9185

CANADA Toronto


439 University Ave
Suite 900
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5G 1Y8

Phone: 416 593 4323

Fax: 416 593 1066

USA Seattle


645 Elliott Ave W
Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: +1 206 374 70000

Toll-Free: +1 800 730 7147

USA Austin


12212 Technology Blvd
Suite 130
Austin, TX 78727

Phone: +1 512 219 8020

Toll-Free: +1 888 219 8020

Fax: +1 512 219 5195

Italia Saluggia - Gerenzano

SaluggiaDiaSorin S.p.A.

Via Crescentino
13040 Saluggia (VC)

Phone: +39.0161.487093

Fax: +39.0161.487628


c/o Insubrias Biopark - via Roberto Lepetit 34
21040 Gerenzano - VA

Phone: +39.02.964741

Fax: +39.02.96474570

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