Knowledge is awareness

Scientific method is in our DNA, enabling us every day to study the world to obtain an objective, reliable, verifiable and shareable reality and provide a major contribution to research and diagnosis.

To get the best results, we draw on the characteristics that have made DiaSorin’s experience in Italy and the rest of the world unique.


We are conscious of our responsibility as a model of EXCELLENCE, a point of reference for everyone, individuals and organizations, who work with us. We want to and must be the best possible partners for the diagnostics laboratories trusted every day by millions of people to diagnose possible illness. We must continue to offer avant-garde solutions and innovative products giving physicians increasingly rapid, precise and reliable answers about their patients’ state of health and helping them choose the most effective treatments. This is why we select and promote people of talent, to build our long-term success and capacity for continuous innovation. So that whoever has dealings with us may feel certain, guaranteed and protected.


We see INNOVATION as an essential part of all our activities, and are convinced that it is the engine propelling us beyond our limits and making every challenge a unique opportunity for growth. This explains why we work with new and increasingly innovative technologies, continually investing in research & development to improve the quality of day-to-day life and remap our horizons, to take our distinctive experience in the field and the excellence of our know-how everywhere in the world.

Glocal Approach

Starting from Italy, we have become a GLOBAL PLAYER with a presence in over 120 countries. Now is the time to give more and more value and a "new intended use" to the word multinational: an international reality that takes into account local specificities, to ensure that all those who work in DiaSorin recognize themselves in the common values and in their own projects. This is the only way to restore that awareness of research and innovation that has guided DiaSorin's change from its origins to the present day.


To engage in research on a global level and strive to improve people’s quality of life and prospects involves continual challenges and huge responsibility. Responsibility not only for what we do but also for how we do it. Environmental, Social and Governance are the three areas that best define our concept of SUSTAINABILITY: a set of principles, procedures, rules, relations that govern the management of our business with integrity. This requires consistent and uncompromising espousal of moral and ethical principles and values. It’s a way of thinking that determines how we act, how we do our business, which is what enables everyone to rely on DiaSorin. Real wellbeing is not only a matter of health in fact. It’s a long-term commitment to preserving harmony with the environment and has to do with culture, territory and society. It’s inclusion and the promotion of diversity as an opportunity for growth and competitive edge.