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A brand new lab for the “Mad for Science” winners


The last step of Mad For Science competition was on November 18th: the winning high school, Nicola Pellati in Nizza Monferrato, saw its dream come true with the inauguration of a brand new, up-to-date, scientific laboratory.

The lab, expanded and modernized thanks to the prize money offered by DiaSorin, is ready to welcome the project which made the school win the first place: a study on wine yeasts, suggested by six students of different ages with the precious collaboration of CREA, Enological Research Center in Asti. The teaching experiences will range from Pasteur's microbiology to the most modern techniques, such as PCR and DNA sequencing, and will enhance the Asti area, a World Heritage site which has always been devoted to viticulture.

Just 191 days after the proclamation, Nicola Pellati High School in Nizza Monferrato, inaugurated a cutting-edge educational space, thanks to the investment of €60,000 by DiaSorin.

“I would like to thank DiaSorin for their support” says Professor Antonio Potenza, head of the winning team, "Putting forward the art of science to young students, asking questions that have a strong connection with our area, is a very interesting way to get them involved".

"After winning this competition, our work has moved forward and other students are getting trained to participate. Even the companies in the area have started to collaborate with us: we have been contacted by various agricultural and wine companies" explains Matilda Lupori, Head of the School.

"DiaSorin had a brilliant idea which could really affect the education system of the future generations".