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Champions for a dream


René De Silvestro, Davide Bendotti, Melania Corradini, Andrea Valenti, Alessandro Varotto. They are some of the FISIP athletes (Italian Federation of Paralympic Winter Sports) who are training in view of the Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics, scheduled on March 9th - 18th, 2018. DiaSorin wanted to meet them and learn about their stories as athletes and as unique individuals.

DiaSorin supports a group of FISIP athletes (Italian Federation of Paralympic Winter Sports) in their preparation for the 2018.

Each one of them, has a profound love for skiing.

For René it started at the age of 6. Before the accident, which took place right on the slopes, he competed with able-bodied skiers. The desire for redemption has brought him back on the snow and he’s now ready for the most important meeting of all: the one in South Korea. Because sport has taught him to "be positive in everything".

Davide as well, has been skiing since he was a child, but he has only started to compete professionally after the accident. To him, today, this sport is everything, as it has allowed him to "redeem himself, visit beautiful places, meet many people and above all grow as a person".