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First people, then employees


Social welfare for DiaSorin means enhancing the characteristics and needs of each employee, with designed career paths planned together with the individual supervisors

The remuneration is fair, transparent and in line with the market: there is a program which establishes the salaries of the top global managers, while for all the other employees, the salaries are decided by the local HR offices, in line with the contractual policies of the different countries and with the different personal needs. Stock option plans are also available for the Group's strategic executives.

Challenging career paths, fair retention policies, multiple benefits: in DiaSorin, the people are resources well taken care of.

As for the supplementary contribution, DiaSorin has structured pension plans and benefits established by law, with the aim of adding further value to the professional life of each worker.

In Italy, the Group's headquarters, there are seniority bonuses, flexible contracts, voluntary leave and retirement. Furthermore, the new welfare pact provides an individual annual prize of 2,000 euros, with additional 288 euros, which can be spent for health services, social security or training.

In the United States, in addition to numerous initiatives for promoting a healthy lifestyle, the Company offers a set of benefits which includes savings plans, coverage of health expenses, as well as life or disability insurance.

There is an Employee Assistance program which helps families of workers in need.

In China, the social welfare is enriched by free access to sports facilities, to encourage the physical and psychological well-being of employees. Follow us: