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The innovation lesson


DiaSorin has always believed in talent; for this reason, it continues to support science-promoting initiatives in schools.

Tomorrow's scientists belong to the next generation: we should invest in their passion, as they grow along with their ambitions. A mission that DiaSorin has embraced, as shown by the various activities the company promotes each year among students. With multiple goals: bringing the local students towards a complex reality like that of immuno-diagnostics, strengthening students in science and business skills, opening a channel between the school and the world of work, identifying the most promising minds on which the research world will count in the future.

Among the educational projects promoted and supported by DiaSorin in the two-year period 2016/2017, there are four different initiatives in terms of the means, but complementary in their intentions: "Good School", "Wow - Me and my future", "Mad for Science" and "Lead The Way 2016".

The "Mad For Science" regional competition, saw 44 Piedmont high schools challenged to shake ideas and experimental projects to win the funding of an equipped bio-laboratory. The contest ended on May 11th, 2017 by presenting the finalist projects to a jury of professionals of the sector in the evocative Palazzo della Luce in Turin. The Nicola Pellati Institute in Nice Monferrato was the winner of 60,000 euros.

Collaborations between DiaSorin and local schools serve to further nurture an interest in the field and to inspire the next generation of scientists.

The "Good School" project involved the students of two Turin high schools in an internship on the development of HIV diagnosis tests. During this course they were able to learn about the culture and the values of the Company through the voices and the example of DiaSorin professionals. At the end of the experience, the students were joined by a communications agency in the creation of three different contents: a press release illustrating the DiaSorin pathway in the development of the test, a presentation called "HIV - The viewpoint of an immunodiagnostic company“, a document dedicated to patients.

Carlo Rosa


We need to invest in young people through projects that see them as leaders of their own future.

Always in the field of promoting the innovation, DiaSorin participated in the event "Wow - Me and my future", organized by Confindustria Vercelli, presenting its work to the local technical and scientific high schools.

Lastly, the “Lead the Way” initiative saw the USA DiaSorin employees go to schools during lunch breaks to provide an overview of possible pathways in the in vitro diagnostics industry.

A many-sided commitment, therefore, will continue in the years to come, because the passion for science is a passion for life.