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"Mad for Science" rewards the love for science


An educational project to be invented, a bio laboratory at stake: the DiaSorin competition for schools extends the boundaries of traditional didactics and offers students an opportunity for growth.

“Mad For Science" started in January, the DiaSorin project, which aims to  promote the passion for science among young people. The competition, which is open to all high schools in Piedmont, puts forward an updated bio laboratory to the institute with the best educational project. The basic requirement? Teamwork.

The initiative stems from DiaSorin's will to make a difference in the area, where tomorrow's innovators are hiding: at school. The ambition is to help broaden the boundaries of traditional high school education, making it more real and up-to-date.

"It is fundamental for students to perceive the process as something easy." - Ferdinando Cabrini, Physics teacher

From a survey that the Group has conducted among teachers all over Italy, there appear to be some limitations on the current school system: only 25% of the science schools have a lab, and students spend there, on average, only 7% of the study hours.

Yet, the professors agree: the kids are passionate about the lab experience, and that's where all the lessons of science should take place.

Gabriella Sabatini

Science teacher

"Being connected to real life experiences is motivating and it’s the first step to include research in a wider context."

An excellent teaching place, even on a human level: most of the interviewed teachers believe that in a lab there is problem solving, teamwork and ethical sense.

This urge for improvement and growth opportunities is proven by the great adherence to the competition: there are over 300 students involved, 50 high school students, for a total of 44 candidate projects. Among them, on April 28th, a jury of experts selected the 8 most deserving, which will be presented live by their respective teams during the Mad For Science Challenge that will take place in Turin, on May 11th. The winning team will implement its own bio laboratory project and receive a five-year supply of its consumables.

A tangible way to, once again, support talent and passion for knowledge, demonstrating that there is nothing more exciting than seeing your ideas come to life.