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Once again, Mad For Science rewards love for research


On Saturday, 24 November 2018, took place the finale of the second edition of Mad For Science competition: the grand-opening of the new, very modern, scientific laboratory of the Augusto Monti public high school.

Thanks to DiaSorin, the winning students will be able to complete the project that helped them get on the podium: a study on mycotoxins in food, which will result in a multimedia catalog, available to other high schools as well.

Mad for Science breaks the tradition of frontal teaching and innovates a transmissive and engaging teaching method.

That's why the company will continue to increasingly promote the competition. The third edition, which has just started, is the first one on a national level1,600 participating highschools, compared to 160 from the previous year. Even the prize is higher, with the novelty of a reward also for the second place winner.

Finally, the planning horizons have been widened, focusing on topics of global interest. Indeed, the suggested teaching experiences should focus on three objectives of the UN Agenda 2030: climate change, ocean protection, ecosystem restoration.

Carlo Rosa

CEO of DiaSorin

The professionals of tomorrow are among the youth. Supporting them, is the key to competitiveness.

We look forward to finding out how the Italian students will amaze us. We just have to follow all the news on madforscience.it.