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Patient as a human being at heart of the Pinocchio project


The opening of Genoa’s Gaslini hospital’s new pediatric MRI room, which has been decorated with some blow-up pictures of characters from the famous Toy Story movies produced by Disney Pixar, marks a further step in the development of the Pinocchio Project, an initiative of Andrea Jacopo Fava, sponsored by DiaSorin.

The Gaslini initiative is the first intervention outside the Piedmont Region, an area of excellence in healthcare, where the first two interventions took place. “The choice of the Gaslini hospital stems from the attention we – together with the partners supporting us – pay to the effects of emotional impact for better patient management, especially during rehabilitation, which is often long and requires a hospital stay far from the family and the usual daily activities,” underlines Andrea Jacopo Fava (Project for Hospitals & Childhood).

Thanks to DiaSorin’s contribution, the Gaslini hospital in Genoa, too, embraces the philosophy of humanization of healthcare.

4 interventions carried out over 4 years confirm the importance of cooperation among enterprises, healthcare centers and non-profit organizations

The Pinocchio Project has already achieved 3 milestones: in 2015, the donation of tablets to allow hospitalized children to connect to their school during recovery after cancer surgery and post-operative treatment; in 2016, the new CAT scan room for pediatric cancer patients at the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin; and in 2018, the opening of a gym for post-operative rehabilitation in the Oncology and Orthopedic Surgery Department.

These interventions aim to improve the quality of the hospital stay, not only through more functional areas and equipment but, above all, through actions that help to overcome the experience of being a patient and move on to a future of recovery and return to everyday life.

Carlo Rosa


Our group operates in the very complex segment of clinical and infectious diagnostics. If, on the one hand, the results of analyses and tests performed using our technologies allow specialists to quickly identify the disease and the best treatment, on the other hand, they often abruptly disrupt the psychological and emotional balance of patients and their families. We therefore joined the Pinocchio Project not only out of respect for the patients fighting a disease, but also to make a tangible contribution to our Country’s growth also in terms of quality of healthcare structures.