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Serving innovation


Interview with Angelo, Global Manager of the Service Division in DiaSorin

Angelo, how would you describe your role in the Company?

I'm a problem solver. I guarantee that all the diagnostic equipment works perfectly and that the criticalities are resolved promptly. I know thoroughly all our technology and I coordinate a team that is always ready to intervene on machines.

An important challenge, especially because it is global. How do you deal with it?

I know I can count on a big team: over 350 professionals present everywhere, including Service Manager, Service Engineer, System Specialist and Application Specialist.

To facilitate my task, there is our Service Management Software (SGAT), which is able to record in real time and globally every instrumental problem.

Once received a problem report, Angelo and his team try to resolve it within 24 hours.

When a problem is reported to you, what do you do?

First of all, we try to resolve it remotely, by telephone support: 67% of our analyzers have a remote connection to our Service. When this support is not successful, a technical support officer will be present at the customer's premises.

In every case, we try to resolve the issue within 24 hours.

Is the capacity for improvement in your work important?

It is crucial. For this reason, we invest lots of energy in the analyzing and monitoring the quantitative and qualitative aspects of our work: the percentage of the problems solved by telephone, the amount of in-site interventions, the performance trends, and the customer satisfaction. I’d always want to provide a more efficient and responsive service.

In addition, my team and I are constantly updating the best procedures, submitting every department to regular audits, and we have a technical assessment process for our on-site staff.

The IOT is the new frontier: it will allow you to make a leap forward in predictive assistance.

In this continuing growth path, what impact does technology have?

It is essential to remain competitive and motivated. For example, we are currently developing a new, completely clouded SGAT Corporate system, which we will call "Next".

Will the IOT dominate in the future?

I am firmly convinced that it will. It is the new frontier: it will allow us to connect all the machines in real time and make a leap forward in predictive assistance. My goal is to bring the customer to the core of the business, anticipating every problem and limit to almost zero its discomfort.

One last question: why did you choose DiaSorin?

Because it is a company with a clear vision. It is a constantly evolving reality that allows people to grow and make a true difference.