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Supply chain DiaSorin: a path of value


DiaSorin respects people and the environment at every stage of its business: from choosing the suppliers to large-scale production.

Each DiaSorin product has a story made of concrete actions, designed to create value.

Our Supply Chain starts with raw materials, which can be bought or produced internally in the R&D department. When we decide to rely on suppliers, our choice is never random: we only work with those who meet the highest quality standards, in accordance with current laws and our Code of Ethics. We monitor the performance of our partners through various procedures, such as product quality audit, business practices, and performance levels.

The selection of suppliers is managed with utmost care and fulfills all the technical, ethical and financial requirements.

The raw materials with which we operate are biological molecules and support materials such as paramagnetic, plastic and water-based marbles: once chemically, physically and biologically purified by our Biology and Biochemistry team, they are stored in specific cellular banks. Then it goes to large-scale production: the products are transferred into plastic cartridges, in combination with the other materials that make up the final diagnostic kits - controls, starter and fluids. Finally, it is time to extent to the Group's subsidiaries and local, specialized distributors: from here, our tests will meet the people for whom they were thought and crafted, delivering excellence.

A complex journey, always being considerate of the environment and the safety of individuals: productive waste, water withdrawal and injuries are steadily declining, as our investments in EHS training is growing.

For a well-being that comes from the lab and goes into the world.