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Three women for research


Giulia, Chiara, Beatrice. Different professional stories, the same determination: to improve the world from a laboratory.

In DiaSorin we believe that the best ideas come when people are valued, stimulated and raised. That's why we always invest in talents. Professionals who work every day in the company, trying to find more and more efficient and advanced solutions are the tangible evidence of our values.

Like Giulia, a great example of responsibility. She joined the company at a very young age, and in just seven years she became Director of European Molecular Diagnostics. Today, she coordinates an international team of 21 researchers, who under her guidance have designed innovative molecular tests for the diagnosis of some forms of leukemia, among the most commonly used in Italy.

Or Chiara, a passionate innovator. During her PhD in Biotechnology, conducted in the DiaSorin laboratories in Gerenzano, she developed a highly sophisticated software to design testing based on LAMP technology

The Q-LAMP technology is active on the LIASON Iam machinery

Today she is Project Leader in the Molecular Diagnosis Department, and continues to express her passion in the many projects she works on a daily basis.

And last but not least Beatrice, with her innate vision. As Head of Product Development, she guides a team of experts in the creation of immunodiagnostic products - from the initial idea to its implementation, to the market launch. Her communicative talent makes her a valuable bridge with marketing, promoting products in hospitals across Europe. Three different women, three unique profiles.

What they got in common is their vocation towards the excellence of a company: DiaSorin.