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Work of excellence


Interview with Rita, General Manager of Quality Department

Rita, why did you choose DiaSorin?

I like challenging myself, always raising the standard. After many years in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided to change and to do it in DiaSorin: a reality where it is possible to grow and learn, where quality always comes in the first place.

Which would be the best word to describe your work?

Responsibility. First towards those who will benefit from our products: people must be able to feel safe and assured about f the accuracy of DiaSorin tests, and it is the Quality Department which guarantees it first.

Then, responsibility towards the company. Each of my statements on the quality control level and all my authorizations must be documented: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could check at any time.

The international dimension of DiaSorin makes continuous alignments among the Quality Managers who are at the company's various locations.

When you talk about "authorization", what do you mean?

No DiaSorin test is launched on the market without my team’s final approval. That is why the documentation plays a crucial role in my work. A journey that starts well before the finished product: As a Quality Manager, I must ensure that all our sites comply with the Group Operational Procedures (GOP) by constantly updating the company policy manual..

You have a global role. How does this affect your work?

The relationship with colleagues from various locations is constant: we talk every week to set up activities and discuss issues, revisions, and new launches. Every fifteen days, we Leaders meet for alignment on compliance, crises resolution, training and adaptation of regulations to local needs. Collaboration is essential to our business: exchange generates excellence.

According to Rita training and quality control go hand in hand.

Collaboration, but also training. How important is this in your industry?

It is fundamental. We hold courses for the newcomers and constantly train all the operators with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) seminars. Personally, I believe that comparison is another important source of knowledge: that is why, every year, we organize the Quality Worldwide Day, an event where all the Quality Managers meet to discuss operational procedures and different ways of understanding the work.

Let’s end this interview with a wish: what would you like for Quality in DiaSorin?

I would like to have today the solution to a problem that might come tomorrow. In the end, our mission is to spread excellence, awareness, competence and knowledge.