In these particularly intense times, here at DiaSorin we are all united for a single common goal: to make a real contribution in the battle against COVID-19.

In the current scenario, we can also make a difference by sharing moments and emotions with one another, consolidating our actions with the energy of a team.

The #proudtobeDiaSorin initiative celebrates the daily commitment of DiaSorin employees worldwide.

Today more than ever we play a critical role in contributing to the community. Therefore, the first #proudtobeDiaSorin content has been dedicated to DiaSorin families and their children.

Our kids grant us the unique privilege of seeing us through their own particular magnifying glass. How many times have we tried to explain to them what our work consists of?

Now that they can actually see us at work, they can share with us their perspective on the future through their colorful creativity.

Passion for science, passion for life

Supporting the little ones, is no small matter

No peak is unattainable