Gustavo Denegri


Gustavo Denegri is the Chairman of DiaSorin, a position he also holds in Investimenti e Partecipazioni, which he established in 1994 at the end of a businessman career.
In the 70s, Denegri founded and ran the Pro-Ind Group, a car parts company, which over the years expanded its offer both by introducing new products and by establishing or acquiring new companies to support its operations. In 1985, the group achieved a total turnover of more than €200 million.
In the same year, Pro-Ind merged with Piaggio, where Gustavo Denegri was an operating shareholder holding the position of Chairman and CEO.
Under his guidance, the Piaggio group underwent a significant restructuring process as well as a complete renewal of its range of products, which in 1994 led it to a turnover of 900 million and a return to profit. During this period, Piaggio established a joint venture with Daihatsu and signed numerous other industrial and commercial agreements throughout the world.
In 1994, after completing the restructuring process, Gustavo Denegri sold his shares and founded Iniziativa Piemonte (now IP Investimenti e Partecipazioni).