Our Company’s success depends on the talent of our People

Each one of us has an individual talent which contributes to enhance the range of skills that every day enables us to pursue the DiaSorin mission: permanently improving the health and life of thousands of people around the world, thanks to our highly reliable diagnostic tests.


At DiaSorin, we strive for excellence. We firmly believe that each person at DiaSorin deserves a great leader.

The DiaSorin Leadership Model is the basis of our culture.


It has the ambition to identify the “Uniqueness” of the DiaSorin way to experience our values in everything we do.

The DiaSorin Leadership Model is the basis of our culture that guides and inspires the managerial action on a daily basis , a mirror to recognize our own strengths and work on continous development.

Every day we strive to lead by example, consistently demonstrating our values:

  • Focus on results
    Possess a pragmatic and unwavering committment to consistently deliver results
  • Integrity
    Act in full compliance with DiaSorin's values, leading by example
  • Identification with the company
    Act in accordance with DiaSorin’s mission and strategy
  • Accountability
    Take responsibility, holding self and others accountable for actions and outcomes
  • Drive, Energy, Proactivity
    Show personal capability to positively energize people, teams and the envornment and strive for results
  • Innovation
    Consistently look for new opportunities, new solutions, new ways of doing things
  • Quality & Excellence
    Create a culture of excellence & quality with the persona to the top
  • Customer care
    Possess a way of working and a culture where the customer (internal and external) is the first priority
  • People inspiring
    Use emotional intelligence to enhance people’s value and contribution

We actively support and encourage proactive behaviours that create an environment in which all people are actively included.

Our rapidly changing environment is driving us to think differently about how to sustain our competitiveness.


The best solutions will come by gaining different perspectives, asking and answering hard questions and challenging the status quo to develop small ideas and achieve big wins in innovation.

Our strategy on engaging people takes into account our strong corporate culture and a shared commitment to reaching goals. In order for individuals to reach their full potential, committed leaders are expected to understand their employees’ capacities and competencies so as to aid their development and career growth.

All employees  live DiaSorin’s corporate values and principles and act as an ambassador for the DiaSorin brand.


We recognise the individual value that employees create for the Company.

From Talent Acquisition through Talent Development we take an employees’s potential to the upper limits of his or her development range.


DiaSorin Culture and Leadership style are key differentiating factors for our Talent Strategy.

Talent Acquisition

Hiring Excellence is our commitment. This is why our recruitment process is about detecting Talented People with the right qualities and skills in order to build on our long term success and our capacity to innovate. And is about the right match with our values and company DNA.

Talent Development

We care for all the DiaSorin employees world wide. For this reason our performance management process (PMP) is applied to each and every person who works with us. Managers and Teams are encouraged to have regular conversations to identify opportunities to improve performance and development together.

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