A new chapter in our story

Fondazione DiaSorin is a tangible manifestation of DiaSorin’s S.p.A. commitment to young generations and to the world of education.

Deeply convinced that schools are where the young generations, including our future scientists, are forged, DiaSorin has for some years been investing in young talents and schools under its project Mad for Science. In 2020, DiaSorin decided to widen this project’s horizons and transform the original social responsibility initiative into its Foundation’s flagship project.

Through the Mad for Science project, a national challenge open to high school students, Fondazione DiaSorin supports the study of Life Sciences with an approach focused on the role of school laboratory, a concrete and effective tool to motivate students to understand and apply scientific concepts through first-hand experience.

Moreover, since teachers are crucial in involving students into science, in 2022 Fondazione DiaSorin launched the project “Mad for Science for Teachers”, dedicated to scientific training of high school teachers involved in the Mad for Science contest. The project consists in the implementation of various training initiatives such as workshops, webinars and practical courses in laboratory: an opportunity to stay constantly update on science and its developments.

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