We take care of people wherever they are.

Operating worldwide in the health industry involves ongoing challenges and a great responsibility: the awareness of working to improve the quality and prospect of life for the people who will use our tests.

The vocation for science, the focus on training and growth of its talents, and the positive impact on the environment are the keystone for DiaSorin to create a sustainable and lasting business.

Carlo Rosa


“Founding one’s work on enhancing the value of Individuals means to daily pursue policies able to handle the diversity, aspirations and ambitions of our collaborators worldwide as well as to produce tests that ensure excellence thus helping the physicians to quickly diagnose any disease and allowing the patients to get a safe and reliable diagnosis in their clinical pathway.”

The pillars of sustainability

Nurturing the passion for science means cultivating the passion for life. This vocation leads DiaSorin to invest more and more in training its employees, in strengthening scientific collaborations and in enhancing knowledge, which are crucial elements to bring innovation into business.


Attracting, growing and retaining talented people in the Group to achieve our strategic vision of development that will always require more and more excellence, dedication, managerial attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.


The sustainable and responsible management of the impact of our business on the environment and on the whole value chain allows us to ensure efficient long-term operations, with a view to continuous improvement of performance while respecting both the territory and the stakeholders.


True wellness is not just about health, it has to do with culture, territory and society. DiaSorin works to truly improve people’s quality of life, also through important social projects. 

No peak is unattainable

Supporting the little ones, is no small matter

Passion for science, passion for life