The passion for sport is unlimited


Recognizing and enhancing human potential, having a positive impact on people's lives, being an active part of local communities: this is why DiaSorin sponsors the world championships of sitting volleyball.

Organized by Sitting Volley Chieri since 2016, DiaSorin Cup attracts every year in Piedmont athletes from all over Italy, ready to challenge the field with passion and talent.

A competition that celebrates the strength of inclusion and the universality of sport, demonstrating how much the desire to improve and willpower make us all alike, close, unique.

Our mission
Encouraging the integration of non-disabled people with the disabled ones, promoting the culture of inclusion and talent enhancement in local communities.

The initiative

Since 2016, Diasorin has been supporting Sitting Volley Chieri in organizing national sitting volleyball championships: a moment of authentic sportiness which attracts athletes from all over Italy every year.

Passion for science, passion for life

Supporting the little ones, is no small matter

No peak is unattainable