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Mad for Science

With DiaSorin, science gets schools together


The national competition “Mad for Science” has announced its fourth edition for the year 2020 titled “Mens sana in corpore sano”. Participants are asked to develop a theme of global importance, consistent with the Objectives 2, 3 and 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

Students and teachers are again called upon to design together a cutting-edge biolaboratory for their school. The competition is open to all Italian scientific lyceums, which can participate with a team composed of 5 students and one science teacher. 
The task consists of formulating 5 educational experiences and planning their execution in the school laboratory. At the end of this candidature phase, a jury composed of DiaSorin experts will evaluate the ideas proposed and select the eight most compelling ones.

The authors of the finalist projects will participate in the “Mad for Science Challenge”: a live challenge during which they will have the opportunity to present their work before renowned members of the scientific community and communication experts who will officially announce the winning lyceums.

All information is available in www.madforscience.it

Our mission
Supporting the passion for research in the youngest, right where their first meeting with scientific disciplines takes place: at school.

The initiative

“Mad for Science” is sponsored by DiaSorin, which will put up €75,000 for the implementation and five-year maintenance of the winning school’s educational lab; €35,000 for the implementation and five-year maintenance of the second-ranked school’s educational lab; and €10,000 for the school which has communicated science in the most innovative way.

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With DiaSorin, science gets schools together

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