Supporting the little ones, is no small matter


The Pinocchio Project started in 2014 thanks to the contribution of DiaSorin, Rotary, Inner Wheel and Rotaract. Active in three Piedmont hospitals, it supports over 3,000 children admitted each year in their education, search for normality, in their desire for as-nice-as-possible hospital experience.

In particular, DiaSorin is committed to providing tablet and technological devices to the 60 hospital teachers operating in Piedmont and their students: a concrete way to make teaching more streamlined and engaging, building an effective bridge between the healthcare system and the school one.

But the scope of Project Pinocchio isn’t limited to education. In 2016, the project partners funded an aesthetic restyling of the CT Scan room in Turin’s Regina Margherita Hospital. The room was transformed into a cozy and colorful forest, thanks in part to sophisticated stickers applied to the diagnostics equipment. Children can now approach this delicate examination in an ambience that speaks the same language as their imagination and where they can feel a bit less frightened. This had some surprising results: for example, fewer kids now require sedation before the radiological procedure.

In 2019, the restyling initiative attracted a new high-profile partner, The Walt Disney Company, with which DiaSorin was able to replicate the project at Genoa’s Gaslini Hospital, bringing the fantastic world of Pixar “Toy Story” characters into the CT scan room.

2020 saw DiaSorin engaged in a third Project Pinocchio initiative to humanize the ambience in Italian children’s hospitals. The Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin’s “City of Health” was given a portable X-ray machine, nicknamed “Dr. Giraffe” and personalized to look like a friendly female giraffe for a more child-friendly radiological diagnostic experience.

Project Pinocchio was carried forward in 2021 with the donation of a portable autorefractor personalized to look like a mouse and nicknamed “Doctor Topo LINO”.

Our mission
Improve the quality of life in the children’s hospital, in the fundamental areas of their everyday life: education, medical care, diagnostic exams.

The initiative

DiaSorin has supported the Pinocchio Project since 2014, by providing the admitted children with technological devices for teaching activities, and the embellishment of hospital environments for the little ones.

Passion for science, passion for life

Supporting the little ones, is no small matter

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