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St.Damien Pediatric Hospital

Preventing is building the future


The spread of infections in developing countries is an urgent threat, especially as it concerns populations already experiencing serious difficulties. Early diagnosis is critical to limiting the propagation of viruses and promptly intervening in the treatment of infected people.

That's why DiaSorin has chosen to adhere to the important preventive project that the Francesca Rava Foundation has activated in Haiti's Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital, where the effects of the 2010 earthquake are still felt.

In particular, the company is committed to providing free testing for HIV detection, hepatitis and Parvovirus, with the aim of providing an effective and safe response to the growing diagnostic demand that the healthcare is facing.
A real help for Haiti’s future.

Our mission
Spreading medical knowledge and prevention programs in countries where social emergencies and economic difficulties make health care an even more precious asset.

The initiative

DiaSorin is standing by the Haitian Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital, with free HIV, hepatitis and Parvovirus testing.

With DiaSorin, science gets schools together

Supporting the little ones, is no small matter

No peak is unattainable

Fantasy is a medicine